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Unity Rituals

Here are some options for Unity Rituals:

  • Unity Candle – each lights a candle symbolizing their life and their family. Together the couple lights a common candle symbolizing not only the joining of themselves and their two families, but also the creation of a new family. Unity Candles can be relight it each year on your anniversary.
  • A Wine Ritual – one pours a glass of red and the other pours a glass of white into a pitcher, producing a blush. Both are then served the new wine symbolizing your new unity.
  • A Wrapping Ritual – This ancient Celtic ritual symbolizes the bringing joining together of two individual hearts. I will wrap your hands together in a the shape of the infinity symbol and pray a special prayer unity and strength forever.
  • Butterfly Release – An Native American Indian ritual holds that if you catch and release a butterfly and make a wish, your wish will come true.
  • Broom Jumping – a African and Celtic tradition symbolizing the sweeping away anything negative while creating a threshold for the couple to cross over into a new life together.
  • Rose Ceremony – After the couple has been pronounced married, they present roses to Mothers and Grandmothers as a symbol of their appreciation of their support.